In 1947, the first test was conducted in the Convair Low Speed wind tunnel. In 1954, the force measurement group was founded as part this facility. The catalyst for the formation of the group was the inability to purchase an internal balance with the required performance. They decided to design and build their own. We have a continuous history in balance design and manufacturing since that time.


1947-1954 Convair
1954-1992 General Dynamics - Convair Division
1992 Hughes (1 day)
1992-1993 General Dynamics - Fort Worth Division
1993 Lockheed – Fort Worth Division (6 months)
1994-2002 Micro Craft
2002-2004 Allied Aerospace Industries Inc. GASL Division (NY)
2004-2006 Allied Aerospace Newport News Division (VA)
March 2006 Relocated from San Diego LSWT
Nov 2006-Oct 2016 Triumph Aerospace Systems – Newport News
Oct 2016 - ? Calspan Systems Corporation


Current Facility

The contraction and mergers of the US Aerospace industry in the early 1990's started a succession of ownership and name changes of the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel. Notice that we were Hughes Aircraft for exactly 1 day and Lockheed for 6 months. While all of the other buildings of the General Dynamics Lindberg Field factory were demolished in the late 1990’s, the location of the wind tunnel at the edge of the property allowed it to be fenced off and operation to continue. In May of 2006, the balance group moved from the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel into its own facility. In November of 2006, we were acquired by the Triumph Group. In October of 2016, we were acquired by Calspan.


Calspan’s Force Measurement Systems team maintains a staff of experienced engineers dedicated to the task of maintaining and calibrating force measurement systems for all applications. Over the past 60 years, countless wind tunnel and engineering development programs have been provided with unique and innovative force measuring systems tailored to meet precise measurement requirements. We have been involved in the development of many aircraft and aerospace systems, including: F-16 Falcon, F-22 Raptor, F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, P-8 Poseidon Anti Submarine Aircraft, the Atlas rocket series, NextGen Aircraft engines, Tomahawk cruise missile, and Advance Cruise Missile to name a few. We have always operated as a small business inside a larger company, and have developed customers far beyond our support of the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel.


AeroFMS Staff


We have extensive experience in the design, development, fabrication, and calibration of strain-gaged balances of all types. We continue to improve design, fabrication, and calibration techniques to meet increasing accuracy requirements. While wind tunnel applications remain the largest user group for these highly accurate, multi-component measurement instruments, we have demonstrated that the basic technology has a tremendous application to non-aerodynamic systems, including structural load measurement, launch load measurement, and underwater applications.

Our diverse 60 year experience guides our approach to requirements. Our unique wind tunnel products have increased our customer’s test productivity and have improved test results.